Strategic Marketing

Marketing that delivers results and gets desired outcomes is based on the thorough understanding and clear communication of your business – what it is that makes you different and answers the question “Why should I choose you?”

In the business of healthcare and medicine, this clear understanding is even more important  as you are dealing with professional’s associating their reputation with your service, and at the end user point – with people’s most precious possession; their health and well-being.

CJU Medical Marketing is trusted and used by leading companies, hospitals, group practices and individual clinicians to help them clearly understand and communicate their business’s unique qualities and core values.


Medical Business Strategy

Having a marketing strategy is important for every business. It is central to successful medical business outcomes and has a proven direct link to the bottom line.


Creative Services

CJU’s Medical Marketing dedicated creative team guided by our specialist medical marketing consultants are inspired to find original, creative solutions to each of our client’s projects, no matter how big or small.


Brand Consultation and Review

A brand is more than a nice image, well aligned font and colour choices – or at least it should be. Your brand logo and tagline development are just the beginning of building brand power to introduce you and your service and graphically convey who you are and your core values.


Public Relations

Positive PR is a powerful and highly effective tool in the healthcare industry; it can build brand awareness and authority, position you as a leader within your area of provision or specialist field and influence potential users, referrers or the general public.


Direct Marketing

Direct marketing can be a powerful marketing strategy for companies providing medical solutions and products, medical practices, hospitals, clinics and health professionals.


Strategic Medical Marketing Workshop

For all medical businesses and health professionals, CJU Medical Marketing recommends starting with a 2-3 hour strategic marketing meeting to help develop your brand and marketing strategy or plan.


Sales Training

Sales might be an unusual word in the world of some sectors of healthcare, however it’s the adoption of sales like strategies and training that will prove effective to successfully market your medical brand or business and set you apart from your competitors.


Marketing Consultation

CJU Medical Marketing provides companies and groups of all sizes and individual health professionals ongoing strategic marketing consultation services.


Practice Review

Looking from the outside in, CJU Medical Marketing can conduct a thorough review of your medical practice to make recommendations and suggested changes that will help improve your customer service to increase patient retention, find new patients and deliver on the best quality service delivery possible for your patients.


Lean 6 Sigma

Used by some of the world’s leading corporations, Lean 6 Sigma has seen companies and businesses transform into leading providers setting new benchmarks and establishing themselves as trusted service providers of choice.

Helping you grow

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