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CJU continues to assist medical businesses by providing medical marketing services during COVID 19

Working both online and offline, we provide strategy development and communication services exclusively to the healthcare industry.

Our years of experience and thorough understanding of the healthcare marketplace enables us to strategically guide our clients using uniquely tailored marketing plans as well as providing the services of a full marketing agency.

Why use a specialist medical marketing agency?

The medical industry is a complex and sophisticated marketplace with a suite of compliance guidelines not found in other market sectors. Effective medical marketing needs strong industry knowledge to get results and ensure compliance.

CJU’s team of medical marketing consultants are trusted and recognised for up to date insights into effective strategies designed to engage with this ever changing sector. We are regular presenters and advisers for top tier bodies and specialist service providers and have set new industry benchmarks in best practice, results based marketing.

Our medical and dental clients are Australia wide and range from large hospital groups, the full spectrum of medical specialist groups and general practices to device companies, dental practitioners and medical industry partners.

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Science based marketing that delivers results

Whether you are an expert clinician, a committed general practitioner or a specialist company with outreach to medical professionals, we understand that you are also a business. As a business you want to be confident of achieving a return on your marketing dollar investment and meeting your goals and targets. We work with you to track your results and are accountable for every strategy we implement.

Using ‘science based marketing’ rather than guesses, templates or a one size fits all approach, we understand evidence based methods achieve the best outcomes. Our extensive experience guides us in recommending and implementing tried and tested marketing strategies whilst customising them creatively to fit your business exactly and answer the question ‘Why choose you’.

Relationship Building

Developing and nurturing relationships has long been a cornerstone of achieving success within the medical and healthcare industry.

CJU has the existing relationships, methods and mentoring to support relationship building to establish a successful, long term practice or business – built on mutual approbation.

No ‘hard sell’ or flashy gimmicks here – it just doesn’t work.  We foster respect between health professionals, assist with promoting special interests or unique offerings and above all establish trust, respect and credibility with patients.

What we do

Relationship Marketing

CJU’s unique experience and extensive healthcare marketing expertise means that we know how to assist you to develop and strengthen relationships with other health professionals.

Strategic Marketing

Having a marketing strategy is essential for every business. It is central to successful medical business outcomes and has a proven direct link to the bottom line.

Digital Marketing

The CJU Online Marketing Team combines Web Development specialists, Social Media experts and Strategic Marketing professionals with a Creative Design team, all working hand-in-hand to create effective online marketing strategies.

Brand Development

CJU’s unique experience and extensive healthcare marketing expertise means that we know how to assist you to develop and strengthen relationships with other health professionals.

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