CJU Medical Marketing is an industry leading, full service marketing agency. 

We provide strategy development and communication services exclusively to the healthcare industry.

Our thorough understanding of the professional health market place allows us to construct customised marketing strategies, business development programs, digital campaigns and referral growth programs tailored specifically for this niche sector.

Why use a specialist medical marketing agency?

The medical industry is a complex and sophisticated marketplace following a suite of compliance guidelines and uses techniques not found in other marketing sectors. Effective medical marketing needs strong inside industry knowledge to get results.

CJU’s team of medical marketing consultants are trusted and recognised industry partners and are known for our insights into effective strategies designed to engage with this sector. We are regular presenters and advisers for top tier bodies and specialist service providers and have set new industry benchmarks in best practice, results based marketing.

Science based marketing that delivers results


What is the CJU Medical Marketing difference?

Whether you are a specialist company with outreach to medical professionals, a provider of a professional service, or an expert clinician – we understand that you are also a business.

Our in-depth knowledge and track record with medical companies, hospitals, doctors and other health professionals means you can expect to achieve your goals and ensure a return on your marketing dollar investment.

All CJU clients are provided with customised marketing communication programs designed to increase conversions, drive take-up and acceptance, develop referral and patient growth and give confidence of services to make your business the choice of your end users.

Developing and nurturing relationships has long been a cornerstone of achieving success within the medical industry.

CJU uses a unique combination of traditional marketing together with medical industry gold standard proven relationship strategies specifically designed for medical marketing, doctor marketing and dental marketing.

Our tailor-made services include education events, public relations, relationship outreach programs, specialist publications, data analysis and review, practice reviews and tailored business development programs.

We employ a science based approach to marketing. This means you can expect us to thoroughly understand your medical business, provide suitable, professional expertise and deliver solutions in-line with industry standards that are designed to get the results you need to reach your business goals.


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What We Do

Relationship Marketing

CJU’s unique experience and extensive healthcare marketing expertise means that we know how to assist you to develop and strengthen relationships with other health professionals.


What We Do

Strategic Marketing

Having a marketing strategy is essential for every business. It is central to successful medical business outcomes and has a proven direct link to the bottom line.


What We Do

Digital Marketing

The CJU Online Marketing Team combines Web Development specialists, Social Media experts and Strategic Marketing professionals with a Creative Design team, all working hand-in-hand to create effective online marketing strategies.


What We Do

Brand Development

Our brand designers are experts in communicating the essence of your brand in a simple and graphical way that shows your customers what they should experience when engaging your services.


Delivering science based marketing to help you grow

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