Website design and development

A website is more than just a bunch of images and copy with some tricky navigation; or at least it should be!

In today’s world, your website is one of the most powerful business tools at your disposal and so it needs to properly communicate and convey what it is about you and your business that is different.

When designed well, a medical website can take your client on a journey that makes them gain confidence – and ultimately choose to use your services.

CJU’s medical website design experience has taught us that the best approach to successful medical websites is not just about great graphics and pretty images (as appealing as these are). Medical websites take into consideration the scope of your business and how the site functions to deliver to your visitors the ability to navigate and find information at ease and find answers to take them to the next step of their journey.

Each business is a fingerprint – and we believe each website should be a reflection of that. Whether your business needs a landing page, a large interactive site, a payment gateway or an e-commerce portal for product purchases, all CJU’s websites are uniquely designed for each client to meet their goals and properly showcase their business.

Our expert medical web marketing teams and designers use the latest gold standard design trends to build and deliver your medical web strategy to meet the end goal: get visitors, gain trust and engagement, GET RESULTS.

Good functioning websites that deliver results and achieve your marketing objectives need three key elements involved in the design – a web developer, a creative graphic designer and a strategic marketer. That’s what CJU can deliver to you.


Helping you grow

CJU approaches online and digital media and marketing in the same way we approach traditional media. Set the strategy first, make sure it aligns with your overall business goals and objectives and then use an array of appropriately suitable online tools to meet these goals. By focusing on the strategy rather than the actual tools, it doesn’t matter what new online tools come or go, your digital media strategy will still focus on delivering on your goals.