Are you ready for a return to “business as usual”?

Are you ready for a return to “business as usual”?

19.05.2020 CJU_admin Latest News

2020 has been a year of change, and we are now seeing things change again, but in a positive direction.

With rules around social distancing being relaxed and a return to normalcy, many businesses are now ramping up to ensure they are in the best market position when things return to “business as usual”.

There have been many lessons learned from this pandemic.

One of the good things we have seen is the ability to accept and implement changes in response to market needs. In the medical marketplace this has seen the introduction of telehealth services and other significant changes within practices. The remarkable aspect of this was the agility of the adoption and implementation of these changes within an industry that has remained fairly consistent in its everyday operations for many decades.

So now things are shifting gears – how is your medical practice placed to ensure a speedy recovery and future growth?

The latest data tells us that sadly, for many people, the negative financial effects of COVID-19 means there is less discretionary income and that for some, private health is no longer an option. The end result of this will mean that private medical service sector providers will have greater pressure in an already competitive marketplace – so establishing yourself as the provider of choice is an imperative to maintaining and increasing market share.

Top tips of what to do now to be on the front foot when COVID-19 restrictions are fully lifted:

Review your business

If you haven’t already done so, use the remainder of your downtime to assess your practice’s strengths and weaknesses before things get back on track.

  • Commit to undertaking a comprehensive review of your practice looking at your patient/ referrer profiles and history and check on your past performance.
  • Audit yourself and your competitors and examine your marketplace presence. Ask yourself how you will be viewed by someone who is comparing your services.
  • Undertake a digital review and see what is being said about you and your service in the marketplace by your patients. Google reviews can be very revealing and can help to identify areas that you shine and those that need improvement. You can also go to and as well as checking your social media pages (if you have them) and see what is being said there.

Check your website

This is a cornerstone of all your marketing. It is a key insight into your practice and sets an expectation with a potential patient or referrer. Ask yourself if it conveys you in a professional light. Check if it is up to date in design and information, if all the links work, and if you have a blog – when was the last time you posted?

Check your social media

COVID-19 has shown us the power of social media. The vast majority of medical practices don’t have a social media presence, and those that have don’t fully capitalise on the opportunities available through this channel.

If you have social media platforms, review the frequency of your posts, check the engagement and see how many followers you have. Then ask yourself if it can be improved.

Check your Google rankings

Conduct some incognito Google searches on key services of your practice and see how you are ranking. An example might be cataract surgery and include a location. See where you appear in the organic rankings – not the ads, and who is in front of you. Google’s own data tells us that 70% of people will click on an organic ranking over an ad and other industry data tells us that you really need to be on page 1, top 3 organic returns to get good results.

We have seen enormous changes in the medical industry and how we do business, since the onset of COVID-19, and I am sure there will be more to come.

But where to from here?

Time to take action!

Many medical businesses have gone turtle since COVID-19 which is a natural reaction, but now we are moving to “Business as Usual” it’s time to get into fight mode and make sure you are in pole position.

Think of this analogy. Just like a cycling race you need a starting line and a finish post. Having a complete understanding of where you are and where you want to go is just the beginning.

Effective marketing is like a good bike and gear – you can be the best rider in the world and enter the Tour de France but you won’t beat the guys in team Ineos without having the right equipment in place. Good marketing is about finding the right fit and customising your marketing “equipment” to allow you to run your best race, stand out from the peloton and achieve your goals.

Team work makes the dream work. In the Tour de France the race is won by the talent of the rider supported by their  team. Success in business is no different. CJU’s team of experts can assist you to achieve your goals by providing and executing customised marketing strategies.

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