CJU Medical Marketing offers multiple ways to help you grow your business, each depending on your unique offering within the healthcare sector. Every service CJU provides is designed specifically for your marketplace and is proven to work to keep your business growing and your client, patient and service user list and referral database expanding.

Our senior team of medical marketing professionals have extensive experience working within these specialist industries. We understand your business and your marketplace and ensure our strategies and communications are suitable for your target audiences.

As part of our strategic marketing planning, our key business strategists and analysts work with you to look at your business from the outside in and identify previously overlooked opportunities that allow for your growth, duplication and diversification. We specialise in developing a sound medical marketing strategy that serves as the foundation of all our marketing recommendations and activities for our medical clients.

Brand Consultation and Development

Having a strong and recognisable brand is invaluable. It provides comfort, promotes reliability and builds trust.

Marketing and Communication Plans

CJU Medical Marketing specialise in the development of strategic medical marketing communication plans which can be used as the foundation of all our marketing recommendations and activities.

Medical Marketing Consultation

As experienced medical marketers, the CJU team provides medical business of all sizes strategic marketing consultation which brings to structure and process to your marketing and business strategy.

Medical Business Strategy

Having a marketing strategy is important for every business. It is central to successful business outcomes and has a proven direct link to the bottom line.

Strategic Medical Marketing Workshop

Having a marketing workshop facilitated by an experienced CJU Medical consultant will get to the core of your value offering, who are your target market and what are the goals for your practice or business.

Public Relations

Positive PR is a powerful thing; it can build brand awareness and authority, position you as a leader within your specialist field and influence potential referrers or the general public.

Sales Training

Sales might be an unusual word in the world of healthcare marketing, however it’s the adoption of sales like strategies and training that will prove effective to successfully market your medical brand or business.

Direct Marketing

Whether it is for marketing directly to the public marketing to other medical professionals, Direct Marketing can be the most cost effective and highest response form of marketing medical practices, hospitals, clinics and related healthcare organisations.

Creative Services

CJU Medical Marketing has a dedicated in house creative team who can deliver on a range of creative services.

Practice Review

Looking from the outside in, CJU Medical Marketing can conduct a thorough review of your medical practice to make recommendations and suggested changes that will help improve the customer service to increase patient retention, find new patients and deliver on the highest quality service possible to your patients.