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Online Marketing

The CJU online medical marketing team combines the skills of web development specialists, social Media experts and strategic marketing professionals together with creative design experts.

These team members bring their different skills to together to create effective online medical marketing strategies to highlight and complement your offline strategies.

An effective online digital strategy for your business can help:

  • Build your brand and gain a market presence and reputation
  • Raise greater awareness to strengthen your product or service value
  • Raise brand awareness with potential new users, referrers and consumers
  • Provide relevant end user information and assistance and manage expectations

Today’s market now demands a sophisticated online medical marketing presence to ensure we communicate our service delivery and messages and reach out to our potential clients and end patients.


Website design and development

A website is more than just a bunch of images and copy with some tricky navigation; or at least it should be!


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a long term digital marketing strategy and should be worked on constantly as part of an ongoing marketing program that continues to set milestones and deliverables.


Online Advertising

CJU Medical Marketing works with medical clients to deliver enquiries via online advertising results and helps our clients to take their online advertising to the next level.


Social Media Marketing

The use of social media medical marketing can bring advantages to any medical business or practice, but it does come with challenges.


Email Marketing

Email newsletters can be a cost effective way to keep ongoing communications with potential and existing clients on a regular basis.


Online Content Marketing

Without question for medical businesses, one of the most powerful options available to you for marketing is to become a credible online expert and a trusted resource centre for client’s seeking information on your service provision.

Helping you grow

CJU approaches online and digital media and marketing in the same way we approach traditional media. Set the strategy first, make sure it aligns with your overall business goals and objectives and then use an array of appropriately suitable online tools to meet these goals. By focusing on the strategy rather than the actual tools, it doesn’t matter what new online tools come or go, your digital media strategy will still focus on delivering on your goals.