Why the CJU website really, really needs to be updated

Why the CJU website really, really needs to be updated

15.11.2016 CJU_admin Latest News

At CJU, behind the scenes we are in the process of relaunching our website. Sometimes marketing people don’t make it a priority to update their own websites and marketing collateral because we are too focused on working on our clients, but it’s time to change that.

Our current site works just fine. It’s clean, user friendly and we can make updates fairly easy. To be honest, there is nothing wrong with the CJU website. But we understand that even though there is a lot that is right or ok with our existing site, an update is something that we have needed to do for a long time.

And it is something that we are always talking to our clients about – whether they need to update their site so they are using the latest technology; that the design and information supports what their business does/is now, and doesn’t reflect what their business used to be.

So why should you think about updating your website?

Your website is for 4 different audiences, and they are all just as important as each other;

  1. Google
  2. Your patients
  3. Your referrers (visits are not as common as from the public)
  4. Your competitors

Last year, Google announced that it was changing what it wanted from websites. The short story is – Google said if your website was not responsive, then it would not rank with Google. This means that people would not be able to find your business online. Because of this we had to recommend all our clients to update their websites if they weren’t responsive.

Responsive means that a website can be easily viewed and used across mobile, tablets (iPad) and computers.  If you look at how people are accessing your own website, you might be surprised that over 50% of people are viewing your content via their smart phone and because of this, Google wanted to ensure that your site was responsive.

Having a mobile friendly site has always been important, but there is nothing like the motivation of Google changing what they require us to do to give us the motivation needed  to take action.

Why CJU has changed – and why our website needs updating

When CJU first started, everything was run and organised by one person – Caroline. Now, in 2016, we are lucky that our team has grown (and is still growing) and we now have a few extra people making things happen for our clients.

From when CJU was started we would take on any medical related business marketing challenge that presented itself. We learnt so much, got stuck into everything and it has made us who we are today.  We have worked with small practices, large hospitals, corporates, individual specialists and general practices.

As a result of our work and experience to date, we’ve added different services and shifted the way we deliver some of our services to meet the demands of our clients.  We are now a lot more focused on what CJU does well and where it fits in the medical industry and that’s allowed us to provide a better service and value to our clients.

So  because of the continual change and evolution of the business, the CJU website needs to change to fit in with us, who we are today and the direction we are running towards.

Technology has evolved

And it’s much better. Not only is the internet faster, so are websites, and they are a whole lot easier to use. We plan to move the site to website platform Word Press, which is the same CRM that we recommend to all our clients.  We could go into the benefits of using Word Press for our clients, but that is a whole other news article.

Our clients want more

Similar to your patients, our CJU clients want things to be easier, and if possible – quicker and get better results. As business clients they also want to see a return on investment and be able to see growth. We want our new website to provide our existing and potential clients with tools, features and information that can help them.

We are better at our jobs

What CJU does is completely different to what other agencies do. Our offering is, well, unique. We are quirky, we are passionate about helping busy medical professionals and medical businesses and we are considered experts in the industry. But looking at our website, our new or potential clients wouldn’t realise what the CJU brand is capable of. It is not until people start working with us, that they find out for themselves what CJU is all about.

So – the time has come for us to follow the advice we give to our clients –  “it is important that we properly communicate our brand values and correctly position ourselves.”

Our content and design will remain fresh

The content on the CJU website has become outdated. We have pages that people rarely visit, some broken links as well as old news articles from when the business first started.
We need to join pages together, add recent testimonials and delete what is not being used.

Stock photos

Our current website uses stock images. We need to respond to what people in today’s marketplace want, which is a real insight into who they are doing business with. Although stock imagery was once fine (and there are times it is still ok – another whole article on this) heavy use of stock imagery is a big marketing ‘no, no’. Stock images are not human, they in no way communicate to the user who you are or what your business it about. The gold standard is to be original and create your own gallery. A photoshoot is something that 3 years ago we didn’t offer, but this has now become a big part of all our client’s marketing strategy.

The year of the video

When someone mentions online videos do not make the mistake of thinking about cute cats and or Taylor Swift. In terms of content marketing, the year of the video is here! By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer traffic. To put this into perspective, YouTube already receives one billion unique visitors every month, with the potential reach of videos beyond our wildest dreams.

But let’s bring it back to your business and why both you and CJU need to add video into the mix and ask the question:  Are videos possible for small businesses?

Absolutely. Production costs have significantly dropped in recent years allowing for even small business to achieve professional results. Online videos have become a huge asset because they engage your customers, show them who you are, help you to create trust and build relationships, showcase your skills and – they’re a great boost for your website’s SEO.  If you wonder whether videos really work consider whether you would rather read a whole page of text, when you could simply watch a clever and creative 90 second video?

And finally, the end result?

By making these changes, the end goal is to gain greater engagement from visitors to our website and increase our enquiry rate. But we will have to keep you updated on that.

If you would like CJU to review your website just like we are reviewing ours, please contact us – 1300 941 250 or make an enquiry.