Western Sydney – have you staked your claim in the land of opportunity?

Western Sydney – have you staked your claim in the land of opportunity?

The Daily Telegraph dedicated pages 8 and 9 of Thursday 1st March edition to Western Sydney and titled the article “Booms with a view”.

For those medical businesses who have already recognised and staked their claim in Sydney’s biggest growth centre the facts, figures and predictions of the article will come as no surprise. The data in the article has simply affirmed that they have made the right choice for their business.

Some key points of the article of particular interest to medical businesses are:

  • New 24 hour curfew free international airport due in 2026 with regional hub and key community supporting jobs
  • $1 billion-dollar project integrating Westmead Hospital and The Children’s Hospital
  • $397 million-dollar upgrade to Liverpool hospital upgrade completed in 2012
  • Campbelltown hospital $632 million upgrade including paediatric and mental health services

One of the key predictors made in the article is that the “future of healthcare in Western Sydney lies with IT investment, digitally integrating public hospitals, private hospitals and GPs together for a better patient experience.”

Apart from these major public works and health projects, the region has seen dramatic housing growth and significant demographic shifts with many professionals shifting to outlying areas due to better affordability. For example – the Camden LGA is now recognised as having the fastest growing population of any LGA in Australia.

So, if you are at the point of considering whether to establish, expand or duplicate your health business make sure you include looking at options that are located in Western Sydney. The amount of population growth being experienced together with a previous lacklustre interest in the region by the private health sector means that unrivalled opportunity still abounds for providers of professional health services.

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