Strategic Marketing Workshop

For all medical businesses and health professionals, CJU Medical Marketing recommends starting with a 2-3 hour strategic marketing meeting to help develop your brand and marketing strategy or plan.

Taking the time to consider your business and gather data through a strategic marketing meeting supported by an experienced CJU Medical Marketing consultant will uncover the core elements of your business and your value offering, as well as identifying your target market; or in the case of medical businesses – your segmented markets, and clarify your business goals.

The meeting will uncover aspects of your business that are unique and impelling and that will answer your client’s question “why should I choose you?”

The CJU Strategic Marketing meeting includes:

  • Current marketplace review –where your business is now and how it got there
  • What are your segmented target markets, what are those you most want to pursue, what are the most profitable
  • Where are your customers coming from, what and why are they buying from you
  • Who are your competitors, how are you viewed compared to them, how are you positioned compared to them
  • What is the value that your clients receive from your services
  • Where you want your business to be – establishing realistic goals and tracking and monitoring these through milestones

This process works like a history, test and diagnosis of a patient. It ensures we understand every aspect of your offering and helps us to pinpoint and focus on your areas of strengths and true values. Why? So we can properly answer your client’s question of why they should choose you.

Once we have this understanding of all the special qualities of your medical business, a successful marketing strategy can be developed.

The marketing strategy meeting will be facilitated by a senior medical marketing consultant together with your team.

After the meeting, we undertake thorough market research. This research examines your marketplace demographics, your current business client experience and thorough online and offline competitor reviews.  When complete, you will receive your strategic marketing plan identifying your positioning statement, a written analysis, target market breakdown and a clear branding strategy with supporting activity plan including recommendations to reach your business goals.


Helping you grow

Don’t leave your marketing to chance – conduct a strategic planning workshop. Give us a call to find out more.