Public Relations

Positive PR is a powerful and highly effective tool in the healthcare industry; it can build brand awareness and authority, position you as a leader within your area of provision or specialist field and influence potential users, referrers or the general public.

Used well, PR is a highly effective marketing tool, working on both a local level to attract new local clients and referrers and on a national level to build credibility and authority in the wider community.

Whether to build your new brand, strengthen your existing brand or to launch a new product or service, CJU can assist by designing suitable and effective PR campaigns to suit your business, no matter how big or small.

Our PR services include press releases, media management, and monitoring and measuring your PR profile.

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Online Press Release Marketing – grow influence & build SEO

Marketing Online Press Release is a perfect tool for medical businesses to gain awareness of your service and brand, build your credibility, demonstrate your knowledge and authority and highlight your areas of interest.

No matter what size your business, online PR will provide gains by adding weight to your website’s authority and will assist in search engine rankings.


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