Brand Consultation and Review

It doesn’t matter if you are a company or business that targets clinicians, if you are an individual doctor or health professional, a group practice or a large corporate group service provider –


A brand is more than a nice image, well aligned font and colour choices – or at least it should be. Your brand logo and tagline development are just the beginning of building brand power to introduce you and your service and graphically convey who you are and your core values.

Having a strong and recognisable brand is invaluable. It provides comfort, promotes reliability and builds trust.

A brand is relevant for all medical businesses in all areas of the medical industry.

Creating a strong brand identity within the healthcare sector will build mind share – one of the strongest competitive advantages imaginable. A brand will help you articulate your values and explain why you are competing in your market.

Our brand consultants and designers will guide you on what your brand needs to say about you – they are experts in communicating the essence of your brand in a simple and graphical way that shows your customers what they can expect to experience when engaging your services.

CJU Medical Marketing utilises a multifaceted integrated approach to build brand awareness and get your brand noticed. Once we have your developed brand, we will use online and offline channels to make sure your brand is optimised for recognition and success.

RED FLAG: Don’t leave your brand in the hands of a competition amongst international graphic designers – that’s like taking your Porsche to the nearest Kmart auto and asking for a service – you wouldn’t do it as it’s much too important and valuable for that.

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