Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a long term digital marketing strategy and should be worked on constantly as part of an ongoing marketing program that continues to set milestones and deliverables.

With the sophisticated search parameters and analysis now run by Google, without a solid SEO program run by an onshore company, your website will find it difficult – if not impossible to rank in organic searches. SEO is complex and needs experts to deliver results. To achieve this, SEO has become a whole industry in itself.

Why do we recommend SEO when it is considered expensive and there are other options?

  • Organic search results are important. Google’s data shows that over 70% of people won’t click on a paid google search and will only trust an organic listing.
  • SEO is one of the biggest areas of opportunity for gaining good marketing results. It’s also the most misunderstood and therefore the least used.
  • A good SEO program can put you ahead of your competitors by establishing you as a trusted authority on your service provision.

Call us today and let us explain and discuss SEO with you and how it will help your website rank.

Helping you grow

CJU approaches online and digital media and marketing in the same way we approach traditional media. Set the strategy first, make sure it aligns with your overall business goals and objectives and then use an array of appropriately suitable online tools to meet these goals. By focusing on the strategy rather than the actual tools, it doesn’t matter what new online tools come or go, your digital media strategy will still focus on delivering on your goals.