Medical Referral Services

The need for a strong network of referrers is as necessary to medical professionals today as it has always been – but other factors are now in play. The marketplace has become more saturated and more competitive.

Changes due to increased competition in the sector have further affected the importance and necessity of developing a strong brand and referrer network at an earlier stage of practice; rather than through traditional natural organic growth factors that were once relied upon.

CJU Medical Marketing focuses on medical marketing, doctor marketing and dentist marketing programs designed to develop strong and trusted relationships that result in gaining referrals for your practice. Our market analysis and outreach programs will not only stabilise and strengthen your existing referrers but will deliver new referrers to your business.


Education Events

CJU Medical Marketing is a recognised industry leader in the conception and delivery of education events and seminars.


Engagement Events

Developing, strengthening and nurturing of relationships is one of the cornerstones of medical marketing.


Referral Networking

Whether you want to develop referrer or user loyalty and uptake, develop, strengthen, extend and increase referrer and user relationships, or forge new alliances – CJU’s unique experience and extensive healthcare marketing expertise and relationship development programs will help you to develop the trust and brand strength needed to reach your goals.


Business Development Management

As your outsourced business development team, CJU’s specialist data analysis and program development will give you the expertise and insight needed to identify opportunities, do targeted outreach and capitalise on increasing or adding new strings to your service take-up.

Helping you grow

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