ONLY one in 10 GPs is a traditional family doctor

ONLY one in 10 GPs is a traditional family doctor

A recent article from Herald Sun demonstrated the change in the relationship between family’s and their lifelong family GP’s.

Some of the interesting findings included:

ONLY one in 10 GPs is a traditional family doctor, with the vast majority of patients now seen by overworked medicos in medical centres and super-clinics.

The proportion of independent GPs who run a solo practice has almost halved across the country in the past 14 years

Practices that have five to nine doctors jumped from 38.6 per cent the previous year to 42.3 per cent.

the proportion of solo practices have dropped to 10.7 per cent, down from 17.9 per cent in 1998-99


Excerpt from the Article
Last month, medical industry journal Australian Doctor surveyed 323 doctors, 40 per cent of whom now work for the four main corporate health services, to gauge their attitudes to the corporates.

Responding to the survey, one ex-corporate doctor wrote: “The no-appointment system of some practices … is not beneficial for patient care, especially when patients are not necessarily followed up by the same doctor.

“Bulk billing only encourages shorter, less comprehensive consultations, which encourages patients to go to these practices for their easy, quick problems – sick notes, repeat prescriptions

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