Only 40 days until Christmas

Only 40 days until Christmas

15.11.2016 CJU_admin Latest News

We all know how quickly the holidays will be upon us, so if you haven’t done so already – now is the time to think about how to say “thank you” “I/we appreciate you” and just generally keep in touch with your “business significant others.”

Relationship marketing is one of the cornerstones of marketing within the medical industry.

With such a busy group of professionals, it can be easy to overlook or miss the chance to take time out for some of the niceties – but it is one of the key ingredients of having a successful medical business.

He’s making a list……

When deciding on how to say thank you and who to say thank you to the best place to start is to be like Santa and make a list.

A good platform to start from is “remember” for those who are regular supporters of your medical business and “nurture” for those newer supporters so they know they’re appreciated.

Every business is different in its data capture, but it’s best not to make it anecdotal about who you think is supporting you because it’s easy to overlook someone who is genuinely supporting you.

For specialists – use your practice management software to tell you who are your top referrers and who has been growing in their referrals.

Don’t forget me

There’s also the “don’t forget me” list. Check and see who has dropped off or whose referral rates are lower than they used to be and take the time to reconnect.

What’s the best way to remember people and show thanks?

Try to make it as personal as possible. If it’s a card, include a hand written message, your supporters know how busy you are and it’s a great way to show them how much you value them.
If it’s a gift, try to make it something that will set you apart and be remembered by them. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but try to be unique.


When selecting a gift or a card – remember your brand. Choose colours, designs and gifts that are in line with your brand and your brand values.

Does your business need help?

If you need help in designing that special unique something – let us know, we’re happy to help. But remember time is getting away. Please contact us – 1300 941 250 or make an enquiry.