Event - Surgical Management of Breast Cancer

Event – Surgical Management of Breast Cancer

GP education event held on 13 February 2013
Dr Lucia Saliba is a Breast, General and Endocrine surgeon and was the keynote speaker for a GP education event held at Gemelle’s Ristorante in Liverpool yesterday evening.

The event was titled:
Breast Cancer in 2013 and Dr Saliba’s topic was Surgical Management of Breast Cancer. The 2nd speaker for the evening was Dr Jessamine Reddy a Histopathologist with Douglass Hanly Moir.

Dr Reddy spoke on the topic of Pathology of Breast Cancer.
The desire for greater knowledge of the topic was evident by the large number of GPs who joined us for the evening as well as the strong audience interaction throughout with extended random Q&A activity.  There were 52 GPs who attended from the SSWGP link medicare local.

The event topic will be repeated in different locations throughout 2013.