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The Patient Experience

27.01.2021 CJU_admin Latest News

An insight into your brand in a competitive 2021 marketplace What is your patient’s experience with your brand? Does it give them confidence in your clinical services and will they choose you over your competitors? There are a number of different touch points on the patient journey before they even see the clinician, and these

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Top Mistakes of DIY Medical Marketing

17.11.2020 CJU_admin Latest News

It’s evident that medical practices have responded to marketplace demand and now recognise the necessity of marketing their medical business. However, there are a number of mistakes that are made by medical businesses when undertaking DIY marketing. Here are some of the most common errors that can result in a negative impact on your business,

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Social Media – A POWERFUL Marketing Force

The use of social media in business is not really rocket science, it has become an essential ingredient in the way we connect and communicate on a day to day basis. With professionally designed campaigns, social media strategies can engage, deliver leads, and raise awareness of your brand with your patients. You just have to

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The Power of Video Marketing

Video marketing is now recognised as one of, if not THE most important marketing trend of today and is expected to remain so for the next five to ten years. Here are some facts about video marketing and why it should become an integral part of your digital marketing strategy in 2020 and beyond; •

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Is Telehealth here to stay?

10.06.2020 CJU_admin Latest News

In a recent marketing minute, we published a piece on telehealth drawing from data published through a HotDoc survey. The survey was conducted on April 21st 2020 and although a small sample (347 Australians) the results identified that for a number of mixed/private practices telehealth has been quickly adopted and positively embraced by many patients.

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Take advantage of the instant asset write-off scheme

21.05.2020 CJU_admin Latest News

We thought we would share this informative article with you by Laura Travis, Marketing & Communications at BOQ Specialist Bank. With the end of the financial year fast approaching, getting your finances in shape will be top of mind for many busy practitioners. Having worked closely with medical professionals for over 30 years, BOQ Specialist understand

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Benefits of a suitable digital presence

16.03.2020 CJU_admin Latest News

A suitable digital presence has always been a key element of an integrated marketing strategy, and the recent worldwide health crisis provides a compelling example of how a digital presence can be a valuable resource to all medical practitioners. Digital solutions can often be under-estimated within the private sector of the medical industry for their

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Reliable Data

17.02.2020 CJU_admin Latest News

A key component in understanding the health of your medical business. One of the first undertakings we embark on with a client is to gain an understanding of their practice referral and patient history. Why? To ensure we make appropriate marketing recommendations, we need to have a full appreciation of what the practice’s future goals

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