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Caroline Ucherek has worked in medical marketing roles for many years and has developed a network of strong relationships with medical specialists, specialised providers and GPs in both sole practices and large practice groups.

Is Telehealth here to stay?

10.06.2020 CJU_admin Latest News

In a recent marketing minute, we published a piece on telehealth drawing from data published through a HotDoc survey. The survey was conducted on April 21st 2020 and although a small sample (347 Australians) the results identified that for a number of mixed/private practices telehealth has been quickly adopted and positively embraced by many patients.

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Take advantage of the instant asset write-off scheme

21.05.2020 CJU_admin Latest News

We thought we would share this informative article with you by Laura Travis, Marketing & Communications at BOQ Specialist Bank. With the end of the financial year fast approaching, getting your finances in shape will be top of mind for many busy practitioners. Having worked closely with medical professionals for over 30 years, BOQ Specialist understand

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Benefits of a suitable digital presence

16.03.2020 CJU_admin Latest News

A suitable digital presence has always been a key element of an integrated marketing strategy, and the recent worldwide health crisis provides a compelling example of how a digital presence can be a valuable resource to all medical practitioners. Digital solutions can often be under-estimated within the private sector of the medical industry for their

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Reliable Data

17.02.2020 CJU_admin Latest News

A key component in understanding the health of your medical business. One of the first undertakings we embark on with a client is to gain an understanding of their practice referral and patient history. Why? To ensure we make appropriate marketing recommendations, we need to have a full appreciation of what the practice’s future goals

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Monitoring the pulse of your business… your patients

12.11.2019 CJU_admin Latest News

Encouraging feedback, listening to and responding to patients is a key contributor to long term business success. This can best be done via patient surveys, monitoring online reviews and measuring important patient statistics within your practice. Patient Surveys, it is easier than you think Healthcare professionals are highly focused on achieving the best possible outcomes

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When the market gets tough… marketing is key

20.09.2019 CJU_admin Latest News

It seems that a day doesn’t pass when the media airs a bad news story about medical practitioners or the private health system, with headlines that include: Poor service Corrupt, greedy or unqualified practitioners Bad management and outcomes High insurance premiums – High practitioner fees – Gaps Private system in disarray Unfortunately, we all know

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Business Risk for Doctors

18.06.2019 CJU_admin Latest News

We wanted to share this interesting article with you by Sarah Bartholomeusz, Principle of ‘You Legal Pty Ltd’ Medical practitioners are excellent at assessing and managing risk. You asses health risks in your patients every day. You manage these risks and balance them against the risks of treatment plans, contraindicated medications and sensitive health issues

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What makes a Successful Education Seminar?

27.05.2019 CJU_admin Latest News

By Caroline Ucherek – Managing Director, CJU Medical Marketing Earlier this week our team co-ordinated a GP education seminar involving a hospital and medical specialists. We’re often asked what elements make a compelling seminar that captures interest and attendance.  It’s my belief that there are a few things that help to ensure good event attendance and

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